Due to current restrictions with reference to COVID-19 compliance, we have taken the necessary safety precautions.

Social distancing is absolutely possible at our country spa with indoor and outdoor spaces.
Our double treatment rooms will be utilized for single treatments.
Our jacuzzi and swimming pool facilities remain closed for now.
Lunch and refreshments are available on request.


Aromatherapy (60 min)R550
Relates to the use of fragrant, natural, botanical essential oils to refresh and relax while soothing the mind helping to induce a total sense of well-being. Each individual essence used during massage produces a specific beneficial effect.  
Hot Stone Massage (60 min)R600
Relaxing massage using hot stones along the contours of your body  
Cellulite Aromatherapy (60 min)R550
A specialized manual massage with Cellulite Oil Complex, formulated to restructure the silhouette by removing & eliminating stubborn toxins to improve circulation.  
Swedish Massage (60 min)R550
Swedish Massage (90 min)R750
A full body massage characterized by delicate manipulation of the muscles - used to improve circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension, increase flexibility and promote relaxation 
Deep Tissue Massage (60 min)R600
Firm and deep massage using specific techniques to release muscle tension, spasms and knots that have built up over time  
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 min)R390
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage With Hot Stones (30min)R420
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45 min)R420
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (60 min)R550
Specialised neck spasm complex formulated to enhance relief from neck and shoulder tension, used to relax tense individuals.  
Indian Head Massage (30 min)R300
An ancient Indian massage with chamomile, lemon & orange essential oils designed to give you a holistic balance of energies 
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (60 min)R570
Manual massage used to stimulate lymphatic circulation thus reducing water retention and removing toxins from the body 
Reflexology (60 min)R550
Reflexology is based on the scientific principal that reflex areas in the feet correspond with the body's internal organs and glands. Pressure alleviates stress and a variety of ailments balancing the body's equilibrium. Includes feet, hands and body reflexes. Kindly allow an additional 10min for consultation  
Fusion Massage (60 min)R550
This treatment includes a Back, neck & shoulder massage, Scalp massage and a Pressure Point Foot Massage
Foot, Leg & Ankle Massage (30 Mins)R300
A deeply relaxing massage including a foot soak and mini scrub
(All facials include a hand, foot or scalp treatment during mask)

This is an introductory facial which includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation and moisturise. Recommended for Pre-Teens and Teenagers  
Creates a balance in combination skin with multi-layered needs using probiotics and plant extracts. Men > oily skin > combination skin  
A purifying treatment to address acne and acne scaring. Perfect for oily and congested skins. Probiotics keep acne-causing bacteria in check. Men > oily skin > acne skin  
Enhanced penetration from probiotic and botanical actives restore skin vitality, and promote collagen and elastin formation. > dehydrated skin > ageing skin  
Replenish dry, parched skin and plump out fine lines with this moisture infused facial. Deeply hydrating molecules penetrate the skinís surface to plump out fine lines from the inside. Probiotics and botanicals restore the barrier of the skin ensuring moisture is locked in. > dry skin > dehydrated skin  
Calming and gentle with probiotics and botanicals to strengthen the skins defences. > all sensitive skins  

Deeply and safely peel the skin with absolutely no downtime. With the unique use of phytic acid derived from rice grains it directly targets pigmentation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and adds instant radiance to the skin. Suited to all skin types

HYDRACLEAN (30 min)R300
HYDRACLEAN (60 min)R550

Fast & effective Deep Cleansing and Hydrating Facial suited to all skin types. Using a Thermal heating electrode it is soothing to the skin, opening up the pores for a detoxifying effect.

HYDRADERMIE (60 min)R900

The star treatment from Guinot suited to all beauty objectives rejuvenating & made-to-measure care. Instantly nourishes and hydrates the skin. With the application of the Galvanic current we can ensure deeper absorption of product and active ingredients. Combining this with the High Frequency treatment ensures an oxygenating and healing effect.


Specialized Body Wrap (60 min)R520
Includes Full Body exfoliation; scalp massage and body butter effleurage
Serenity Body Wrap:
An exquisite treat that promotes inner calmness. It is designed to clear the mind and ease the stresses of an emotionally demanding lifestyle.
* safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms
Muscle Ease Body Wrap:
A restful treatment to ease tension and stiffness from tired or over exerted muscles, promoting relaxation and wellness.
Vitality Body Wrap:
A stimulating and anti-ageing body wrap to boost immune functions and natural energy levels, bringing many physical and emotional benefits to the client.
Cellulite Body Wrap:
A highly effective treatment that has been specifically designed to reduce stubborn fatty deposits by increasing circulation in problem areas.
Detoxifying Body Wrap:
This balancing body wrap restores a healthier state of well-being by activating the lymphatic system, thereby promoting detoxification and reducing fluid retention.
Full Body exfoliation (30 min)R320
Full body exfoliation followed by a warm shower and aromatic body butter effleurage
Revitalising Back Cleanse (60min)R450
Refreshing deep pore cleansing treatment (cleanse, tone, steam and exfoliation) followed by a relaxing massage, customised mask & balancing moisturiser.

Express ManicureR200
Express PedicureR280
Classic ManicureR260
Classic PedicureR330
Signature Manicure (Incl. Paraffin Mask)R310
Signature Pedicure (Incl. Paraffin Mask)R380
Gents Manicure (Incl. Hand Mask)R230
Gents Pedicure (Incl. Foot Mask)R310
Sparkle Mini Manicure (Under 12 Only)R150
Sparkle Mini Pedicure (Under 12 Only)R180

Express Manicure + Gel PaintR310
Classic Manicure + Gel PaintR360
Classic Pedicure + Gel PaintR390
Gel Paint (Additional)R150
Gel Soak-off + Strengthener (No Cuticle work or Extras)R100

Full LegR300
Three-quarter LegR250
Half LegR200
Half ArmR180
Full ArmR200
Lip / Chin / Eyebrow / Nose (each)R80

Eyelash tint (black, brown, blue/black and black/brown)R130
Eyebrow tint (brown or black)R130
Lash and brow tintR250